What can I do for you.

With many years of experience within the construction sector I am able to cater to a diverse range of businesses within the construction sector. A commitment not to just deliver a service, but to drive tangible growth and success for your business. With a hands-on approach, I have a willingness and flexibility to adopt to new ideas, the ability work remotely and also to travel and adapt across different countries and cultures.

Global Business Support.

Navigating the international market can be complex. Could your organisation benefit from a professional who has previously worked in the roofing and façade industry and can amplify your brand presence and make an impact.


Your company’s products and services need to shine. The delivery of a presentation can change people’s perception, therefore it’s vital that each presentation can be adapted for your target audience and that someone can communicate effectively to captivate and impress that your products or services are what they need.

Sales Strategy Enhancement.

I am able help with targeting sales within the construction market with a keen understanding of architectural practices, I can tailor the sale approach to match your unique objectives and help with growth in your business.

Market Growth Identification.

The market is vast, but this is where it’s important to segment and identify the key areas for growth. Let us delve deep, to understand the competition, your company’s strengths, weakness and where your business can truly grow.

Guidance on Design and budgets.

Are you seeking expert guidance on optimal materials for your façade endeavours?

Often, architects, developers, and designers possess a clear vision for their projects. However, aligning this vision with budgetary constraints and comprehending the intricacies of available options can be overwhelming. I am able to advise to reduce the significant time spent on deciding what various options, whilst meeting within budgets constraints.