About Anne

Who am I in business?

Having worked within the construction industry for nearly 40years. I have a wealth of experience in the roofing and cladding industry.

I’ve come from a family where my father was born in 1918 and instilled the value of hard work, integrity and the mantra that the only thing you own in life is your name, therefore you must live by it and people will know you by this. Based on these principles and in business understanding that you are only as good as your last job underscores the importance of consistency and the effort in maintaining a positive reputation

I have many traits, good and bad.  Filter? What filter? I speak my mind.

I don’t sugar coat anything, whilst others might try and buffer things, straight talking is my native language!  Honesty might have its pitfalls, but it also means I’m genuine and accountable.

Accountability is important in business.

Taking responsibility when things go wrong and getting issues resolved.  When trying to grow my business and to survive, building a reputation is very important.  If something was wrong, instead of burying my head in the sand, I was quick to react, take accountability, get things sorted, learn from my mistakes and move on.

I pride myself in adding value to the customer experience.

Sharing knowledge and enlightening others gives a certain amount of fulfilment and to know I’m helping to direct the customer in the right direction.  I’ve a certain mindset which is based on doing the right thing, it’s more than just ticking boxes or meeting targets; it’s about staying authentic and being true to my beliefs.

When we act in alignment with our values and beliefs we also attract opportunities. In the business world building trust encourages open communication and paves the way to long lasting success.  

Anne portrait